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Charles Lee Guy III

Don't this sound like a name out of the society pages? "Charles Lee Guy III was feted at the Royal Oaks Country Club to commemorate his return from a holiday in Europe buying rare artworks and sipping Evian water . . . " Well, this Charles Lee is nothing like that. He's an actual singing prisoner. Remember all that crap about Johnny Cash being in prison? He wasn't. Charles Lee, who seems to have disappeared (even Richard Weize couldn't track him down) was.

According to Ken Nelson's original notes, Guy was incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter at age 16, sent to Vacaville Prison and later managed to mail a tape to Capitol. The entire album of 12 songs, also titled "The Prisoner's Dream", was cut in the Vacaville auditorium in late 1962 with Joe Maphis playing backup acoustic guitar. Guy had a bit of an identity problem on the album, which consisted of prison songs and other sentimental faves. The title track (an old Karl and Harty number) features him imitating Hank Snow. Shackles and Chains features a Marty Robbins imitation while They're All Goin' Home But Me shows off his best Jimmie Skinner voice.

Apparently Guy managed to go "home," because in 1964 he cut six more songs in Nashville with a backup band, all but one written by Harlan Howard. It was sadly ironic that he'd developed his own vocal style by then, and actually showed some real promise as a vocalist. But only one single resulted which went nowhere and Charles Lee Guy III disappeared into obscurity. This album is a favorite of Bear Family's Richard Weize, and if prisoner's songs are your thing it may be a favorite of yours, too. (RK)


Charles Lee Guy Iii Prisoner's Dream
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Charles Lee Guy Iii: Prisoner's Dream
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1-CD mit 4-seitigem Booklet, 17 Einzeltitel. Spieldauer ca. 46 Minuten. Als er sechzehn war, wurde Charles Lee Guy wegen Totschlags verurteilt und eingesperrt. Im Gefängnis lernte er Gitarre zu spielen und begann Lieder zu schreiben. Schließlich schickte er ein...

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