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Shooter Jennings: Live At Billy Bob's Texas (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSMG5076

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(Smith Music Group) 18 Tracks - Digipack - Waylon Jennings' son and his band rocks it out at Billy Bob's Texas on November 10, 2016!

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Shooter Jennings: Put The O Back In Country (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDHUMP010

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(Hump Head Records) 15 Tracks - Plus 4 Live-Bonustracks ! - Shooter Jennings hat Country-Musik im Blut. Das einzige Kind der Country-Legende Waylon Jennings und Jessi Colter, Shooters frühen Jahren wurden auf seinen Eltern Tour-Bus verbracht. "Ich dachte, die...

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Shooter Jennings: Don't Wait Up for George
Art-Nr.: CDBCR20

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(2014/Black Country Records) 5 tracks (17:01) - digisleeve. Haunting tribute to the Possum (George Jones 1931-2013) who sang on Shooter's first album. Great progressive outlaw-style gem also available as limited 25cm Vinyl (LPBCR201).

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Shooter Jennings: Family Man (2012)
Art-Nr.: CD2409

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(2012/BLACK COUNTRY) 10 tracks (40:12) gatefold ecopac. Great Outlaw album of southern country-rock anthems, strong (some dark) lyrics, plus some old school tracks, where Shooter sounds like Waylon. 'Cuz Mama's On Crank, Daddy Got Hep C, Yeah We All Die Together,...

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Shooter Jennings: Family Man (2012)
Art-Nr.: LP2414

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Shooter Jennings: The Other Life
Art-Nr.: CD2460

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(2013/BLACK COUNTRY ROCK) 11 tracks (47:43) gatefold ecopac. New songs from Shooter's film 'The Other Life!' with special guests. Real Americana Highlight - includes the amazing 'Outlaw You' and 10 other gems with a rockin' edge and great lyrics.*****

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Shooter Jennings: Don't Wait Up for George 25cm-Vinyl Limited Edition White Wax
Art-Nr.: LPBCR201

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(2014/BCR) 5 tracks - 10'

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