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Louisiana Red
(born Iverson Minter, March 23, 1936, Vicksburg, Miss.) A journeyman Mississippi Delta blues guitarist and singer, Louisiana Red built his performing and recording style from a variety of sources, including JIMMY REED, MUDDY WATERS, and LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS.

Born in Mississippi, Red's early life was not an easy one; his mother died shortly after giving birth and his father was reputedly lynched by the Ku Klux Klan. Red taught himself how to play harmonica and guitar. After migrating to Pittsburgh around 1945, where he played on street corners for spare change, Red moved to Chicago in 1949 and recorded briefly for the Checker (Chess) label. Despite his inroads into the Chicago blues scene, Red spent most of the 1950s in the air force.

Upon his discharge in 1958, Red bounced from gig to gig. He recorded his debut album, Lowdown Back Porch Blues, in the early '60s for the RouletteNogue label. Throughout the '60s, uncertainty over his career led Red to work as much outside of music as he did as a blues performer. In 1971 he recorded the album Louisiana Red Sings the Blues for Atlantic Records subsidiary Atco, but the album failed to sell and Red was dropped from the label's roster. In the years since, Red has performed in small blues bars and at occasional festivals and has recorded for labels such as L+R. He lives in Europe, where he continues to record and perform

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Louisiana Red: Sweet Blood Call (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPFP1151

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(2017/Fat Possum) 12 tracks plus a download code - recorded on January 21st and 23rd 1975 at Minot Sound, White Plains, NY

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Louisiana Red: Dead Stray Dog (LP & Download)
Art-Nr.: LPFP11511

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(Fat Possum) 12 Tracks - Includes download! - Reissue of the original 1975 Blue Labor album!

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Louisiana Red: Always Played The Blues
Art-Nr.: CDJSP8842

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(1990 'JSP') (76:24/13) Neu abgemischt und gemastertes Album, bei dem leider zu oft wie ein x-beliebiger Musiker aus Chicago klingt, nur selten blitzt seine Genialität auf

16,75 € *

Louisiana Red: Blues Classics
Art-Nr.: CDLR82002

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(1983 'L+R Records') (54:48/10)

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Louisiana Red: Lowdown Backporch Blues
Art-Nr.: PPAN25200

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(2013) Pure Pleasure, 12 tracks, remastered, 180 gram limited edition Louisiana Red (geboren als Iverson Minter) war ein Aufmerksamkeit erregender Gitarrist, Mundharmonikaspieler und Sänger. In frühester Jugend verlor er seine Eltern durch tragische Umstände, seine...

29,95 € *

Louisiana Red: The Sky Is Crying
Art-Nr.: CD120938

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(2014/Wolf) 14 tracks. Live recordings from 1994-2007.

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Louisiana Red: The Lowdown Back Porch Blues
Art-Nr.: CDCOL5419

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(1960 'Roulette') (34:27/12) Vielleicht nach wie vor sein bestes Konzept-Album / His classic 1960 album, an all-time great.

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Louisiana Red: Working Mule
Art-Nr.: CDTC5132

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(2015/Topcat) 14 tracks. Akustische und elektrische Aufnahmen mit Louisiana Red, aufgenommen in Griechenland an verschiedenen Orten in den Jahren 1994 und 2007. Eine Sammlung von bisher unveröffentlichten Raritäten mit 10 Original-Songs und 4 Coversongs. Gäste:...

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Louisiana Red: Sweet Blood Call
Art-Nr.: CDFP1150

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(1975 'Tomato') (36:14/11) Recorded at Minton Sound Studios, White Plains, NY, on January 21st & 23rd, 1975. - Digipak. LOUISIANA RED - acoustic gtr/voc.

13,75 € *

Art-Nr.: CDRUF1171

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(2010 'Ruf Records') (44:35/12) Nach dem fantastischen 2009er Album 'Back To The Black Bayou' war es schwer, ein ähnlich aufregendes Werk zu produzieren. Gitarrist und Produzent Little Victor tat sein Bestes; doch irgendwie springt bei mir der Funke nicht so...

Statt: 16,75 € * 9,95 € *

Louisiana Red: When My Mama Was Living
Art-Nr.: CDLAB7085

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(1970s) (66:37/16) 1-4, 6, 10, 12, 14-16: first release, 5, 7-9, 13: alternate masters / first release, 11: first CD release.

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Louisiana Red: Dead Stray Dog
Art-Nr.: CDFP1151

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2013 'Fat Possum', 41/09/12. Recorded Feb. 10th and March 13th, 1975, White Plains, N.Y.

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