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Bill Morgan

Little is known about Bill Morgan, despite the fact that he had a rather prolific recording career in the late '50s and 1960s. He is not, by any account, the songwriting Bill Morgan who was brother to singer George Morgan and recorded for Okeh. Morgan was associated with Bill Hall and Hall placed singles by him in both the main 'D' series and on Dart. The 'D' record combined a fine uptempo honky-tonker with a maudlin paean to mother and home, and Morgan moved into quasi-rock territory here on a song written by one of Hall's most prolific contributors, Silsbee musician-songwriter Richard Harold (real name Richard Ester -- he adopted the pseudonym, according to Charles Drake, on whose 'D' records Ester and his brother Sidney played, at the behest of Bill Hall). Harold would soon pen the Benny Barnes-Johnny Preston hit Token Of Love.

It's unclear whether Richard or his brother Sidney, also a songwriter who would have a single released on Dart as well, play on this recording. At any rate, cushioned by a spare, laid-back band that boasts a nice lead guitarist, Morgan sounds a little uncomfortable here -- he's no rock 'n' roll singer and the song title arguably promises more than the performance actually delivers. However, Red Hot Rhythm Combo and its flip, Two Minutes Three Seconds, issued in mid-1960, have over the years become sought after collectors items. Morgan went on to record for Delta and other area labels.

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