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Eddie Quinteros

Eddie Quinteros was born Edward Frank Quinteros, Jr. in December of 1942. He grew up in Daly City, San Matteo County, California, located on the Pacific Coast close to southern San Francisco. Growing up in a musical Latino family means learning to play guitar at an early age. By 1956, 13-year-old Eddie had his first band. Later in the year he joined another band with whom he appeared on TV sta- tion KPIX in San Francisco. Quinteros joined the musicians union at age 14 and his first real job was to join Bobby Freeman’s band (who’d just charted with Do You Wanna Dance) as a guitarist for a short Hawaii tour in 1958.

Quinteros was only 15 years old. After he got back from Hawaii, Eddie started his solo career, performing clubs and venues up and down the West Coast. At age 16 he went down to L.A. to cut some songs for Bobby Shad, the owner of the Shad, Brent and Time logos in New York City. Quinteros’ first single on the Brent label was Come Dance With Me, released in January of 1960. Although, or perhaps because Come Dance With Me sounds close to Ritchie Valens’ Come On, Let’s Go, the song became a hit, especially on the East Coast. More than a decade later, the legendary Joey Ramone took the song’s harmonies and cre- ated the song Blitzkrieg Bop for his East Coast punk rock band The Ramones. The success of Eddie’s first Brent sin

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