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Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep
Art-Nr.: LPMFLP066

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(1988/Magnum Force) 16 tracks. Last copies!

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Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep
Art-Nr.: CDBB55160

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(2003/Bison Bop) 35 tracks Includes all his early recordings!!A great example for 50s Rockabilly and Rock'n'Roll Music!!Alle frühen Aufnahmen inkl. 'Endless Sleep'! Super Rockabilly und Rock'n'Rollscheibe!!

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Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep
Art-Nr.: SJLP579

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(1988/Sunjay) 16 tracks, rare Sunjay LP, last copies!

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Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep (28x42cm)
Art-Nr.: POSTER172

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out of print / last copies

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Jody Reynolds: Endless Sleep (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPTG1002

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(1978/Tru-Gems) 11 tracks - Originally sealed 1978 album, feat. Al Casey and Tommy Reed - Recorded in the 1970s

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Jody Reynolds: The Complete Demon And Titan Masters (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD1474

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The moody style that early rocker Jody Reynolds pioneered on his 1958 hit ‘Endless Sleep’ has proved to be one of the more enduring and imitated formats in popular music. The song has remained an important entry in the lexicon of 50s rock. Reynolds’ early...

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Jody Reynoldds: Devil Girl With Raven Hair 1958-1966 (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPIMAR107

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(2017/Iron Montain Analogue) 18 tracks  - Direct from the master tapes for the first time on LP, come the original, earthshaking rockabilly/ proto-gothabilly/country-noir-pop 45s of Jody Reynolds. A seminal and influential figure, without Jody Reynolds there...

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