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Sarah Vaughan

Hey Naughty Papa

Sarah Vaughan led a bit of a double life during her years on Mercury/EmArcy. There were the stunning jazz-vocal and lushly produced pop albums and there were the more commercial sides for the singles market. Hey Naughty Papa, from 1955, was obviously one of the latter, tailored to compete with the new rock 'n' roll sounds that were dominating the airwaves.


Hugo Peretti's arrangement is brassy and splashy; pounding snare drum and cymbal sizzle, up front guitar shots and lots of "shake, shake" from the male backup singers. Sarah is in her usual fine form, effortlessly out-swinging the slightly stiff sounding band at every turn, dipping and diving but never losing sight of the tune, making you hang on till her last note dies away.


Hey Naughty Papa is a perfect example of a truly professional, supremely talented artist taking what's on the music stand and making it work. 'Billboard' magazine, circa September, 1955, got the last word, "This side's a blues, traditional in construction, with a lively lyric. It rocks right along...".

Various The Popsters - They Tried To Rock Vol.3
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