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VARIOUS ARTISTS SUN SHINES ON HANK WILLIAMS (Bear Family) The well is still not dry 7/10
If Hank Williams hadn't died on January 1st 1953 aged just 29 it's guessed that he'd have embraced the rockabilly that was soon to follow. His up-tempo hits had already illustrated his love of a bit of bounce. Despite Hank's untimely demise his legacy marched on in popular music.

Not least in what was to be a hotbed of creativity for the rest of the decade, Sun Records in Memphis. This CD from the vaults of the label features 26 Hank Williams songs covered at Sun. Some, like Johnny Cash's take on 'Hey Good Lookin' will be familiar but amazingly this compilation contains eight previously unissued masters of varying quality from the years 1957 - 63. There are a couple that are of no great consequence, but the majority of this album are belters. The.sleeve notes and packaging are of the usual high-quality Bear Family standard. Simon Nott

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Sun Shines On Hank Williams - Sun Artists Sing The Songs Of...  (CD)
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