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Eins der großen Kernthemen bei Bear Family! Country & Western CDs und Vinyl-Schallplatten - Hier finden Sie die Klassiker wie Jimmie Rodgers, die Original Carter Family und Hank Williams, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Gene Autry, Eddy Arnold, Floyd Tillman, den großartigen Lefty Frizzell und die Delmore Brothers, Bill Monroe oder Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs.

Es folgen Marty Robbins, Ray Price, Johnny Horton und Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson und Waylon Jennings u.v.a., der Bakersfield Sound und die Hits aus Nashville, Outlaws aus Texas und Bluegrass aus Kentucky, singende Cowboys und Western Swing, Hillbilly Boogie, Bluegrass, Folk und Gospel und Honky Tonk bis zu Country Pop und den Revivals seit den Achtzigerjahren, Neo Country und die neuen Traditionalisten.

Eine unglaubliche Vielfalt! Country Music & Country CDs und Vinyl-Schallplatten bei Bear Family, in all ihren Spielarten und Traditionen, aus allen Gegenden dieser Welt und von puristisch bis rockend!

Kicks Magazine: Tragic Tales From The Grassy Knoll - A Souvenir From Top Ten Records Dallas, Texas
Art-Nr.: 0042437

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Souvenir memorial booklet commemorating the record release event for the album 'Tragic Songs From The Grassy Knoll' - John F. Kennedy 50th Anniversary Collection. 33 page songbook with foreword describing several unique popular culture elements to the dark events of...

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Joan Burbick: Rodeo Queens - On The Circuit With America's Cowgirls
Art-Nr.: 0031303

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(2002/PB) English, 15x23 cm, 246 pages, b&w photos - a profile of Rodeo Life in the spotlight and afterwards - special price/last copies

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Michael H. Price: Daynce Of The Peckerwoods
Art-Nr.: 0031410

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(2006/MUSIC MENTOR) Paperback, English, 15x23 cm, 348 pages, rare b&w illustrations - From a childhood spent among such key roots-music figures as Bob Wills and Big Joe Turner, Eck Robertson and Norman Petty and T-Bone Walker - and an extended strech as a jazz,...

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Desperados: John Einarson: Roots Of Country Rock
Art-Nr.: 0031185

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English, Paperback, 15x22.5 cm, 286 pages, b&w phots - From the four corners of the nation, farmboys, truckers, miners, and clerks descended upon the golden coast of California. Carrying their guitars, their notebooks, their very lives strapped across their backs,...

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Clinton Walker: Buried Country - Aboriginal Country Music
Art-Nr.: 0031184

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Long before it was commonplace for Aboriginal dance companies to tour the world or for central desert 'dot paintings' to sell for astronomical sums, it was country music that first gave Aboriginal people a voice in modern Australia. To some, black skin and country...

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Bruce Hershenson: More Cowboy Movie Posters
Art-Nr.: 0041468

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Paperback, 23x28 cm, 84 pages, 335 color illustrations with index - This illustrated volume of classic movie posters offers a rare look across time, at filmmakers' and film studio artists' vivid images of the Cowboy and his Wild West. Featured are hundreds of...

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Paul Kingsbury: The Country Reader - 25 Years Journal Of Country
Art-Nr.: 0031130

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English, Paperback, 18x25.5 cm, 334 pages, rare b&w photos - A selection of the best writing and photography published in the first quarter-century of the most infuential magazine devoted to Country Music. - last copies special price - bargain!

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Ozark Jubilee: Reta Spears-Stewart: Remembering The Ozark Jubilee
Art-Nr.: 0031100

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140 pages/Seiten, 21x26.5 cm, Paperback: 40 years of the legendary country music show 'Ozark Jubilee' are commemorated with plenty of b&w photographs, anecdotes and personal memories. Outstanding work! 40 Jahre ist KWTO's legendäre Show 'Ozark Jubilee' nun alt,...

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Jack Howard: The Friend Of The Stars
Art-Nr.: 0019021

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35 pages/Seiten: Howard owns a music publishing company for country music, and this is some of the sheet music he publishes. Howard besitzt einen Musikverlag für Country Musik, und dies sind die Noten und Texte einiger Songs, die er vertreibt. Enthält s/w-Fotos.

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Samm Woolley Coombs: A Pickin' And A Grinnin' On The Courthouse Square - Jimmy Driftwood Story
Art-Nr.: 0031068

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243 pages/Seiten - 27.5/21.5 cm - Paperback: AN OZARK FAMILY ALBUM - Incorporates the JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD STORY, the SPRING FESTIVAL PARADE and many more beautifully photographed Ozark get-togethers of folk and country musicians. Fotobuch über Folk- und Country Musik...

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