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Brook Benton: There Goes That Song Again
Art-Nr.: 0002986

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Taschenbuch - 434 Seiten - Music Mentor Books - 2015 - Englisch Brook Benton The biography by Herwig Gradischnig is based on an album of newspaper cuttings personally compiled by Brook Benton. These contain the singer's views on a wide variety of topics, as well as...

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Mike Sanchez: Big Town Playboy
Art-Nr.: 0019979

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Taschenbuch - 314 Seiten - Music Mentor Books - 2014 - Englisch MIKE SANCHEZ: BIG TOWN PLAYBOY Fifty years ago, the golden age of rock'n'roll was fading from view as the Swinging Sixties swept over the musical seascape and into the hearts and souls of the children...

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Chuck Berry: Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy
Art-Nr.: 0002071

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Long Distance Information' English, Pbk, 15.5x23.5 cm, 352 pages - An amazingly detailed blow-by-blow analysis of every recording Chuck Berry has ever made. Includes an overview of the man's life and career , his influences, the stories behind his most famous...

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Chuck Berry: The Chuck Berry International Directory Volume 2
Art-Nr.: 0002117

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(2008/Music Mentor) paperback, english, 15.5x23.5 cm, 532 pages, b&w illustrations. Volume 2 contains: 4 - Bootlegs 5 - Chuck Berry on the Radio (transcription discs, concept albums and radio spots) 6 - Rarest Berrys (your guide to the rarest Chuck...

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Michael H. Price: Dance Of The Peckerwoods - Daynce Of The Peckerwoods
Art-Nr.: 0031410

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(2006/MUSIC MENTOR) Paperback, English, 15x23 cm, 348 pages, rare b&w illustrations - From a childhood spent among such key roots-music figures as Bob Wills and Big Joe Turner, Eck Robertson and Norman Petty and T-Bone Walker - and an extended strech as a jazz,...

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George R. White: British Hit EPs 1955-1989
Art-Nr.: 0081447

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English, Paperback, 15.5x23 cm, 312 pages, At last, a chart book dedicated to British hit EPs! Includes a history of the format, an artist-by-artist listing of every 7-inch EP hit from 1955 to 1989 (with full track details for each record), analyses of chart...

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