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Johnny Cash: Pocket Cash by Jim Marshall
Art-Nr.: 0003115

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(Custom) Paperback, 210x155 mm, 190 pages, b/w illustrations throughout. This intimate and appealing little book of photos of the legendary Johnny Cash, taken by famous music photographer Jim Marshall, includes...

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Benjamin Darling: Helpful Hints For Housewives - Helpful Hints For Housewives
Art-Nr.: 0041661

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English, Hardback, 14.x19 cm, 52 pages - A treasury of tips for the model homemaker, completely illustrated

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Jerry Jankowski: Shelf Space - Package Design - Shelf Space - Modern Package Desing 1945-1965
Art-Nr.: 0041637

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English, Paperback, 22x20 cm, 120 pages, throughout with full color illustrations

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