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Bobby Fuller: I Fought The Law - The Life and Strange Death of Bobby Fuller (Miriam Linna and Randell Fuller)
Art-Nr.: BOOK06001

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(2014/Kicks) English, Paperback, 23x15x2 cm, 296 pages, rare b/w photos, with discography. First and only authorized biography of West Texas legend Bobby Fuller, 'Rock And Roll King Of The Southwest', as told through the eyes of his brother and bandmate Randell--...

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Joan Burbick: Rodeo Queens - Rodeo Queens - On The Circuit With America's Cowgirls
Art-Nr.: 0031303

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(2002/PB) English, 15x23 cm, 246 pages, b&w photos - a profile of Rodeo Life in the spotlight and afterwards - special price/last copies

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David Freeland: Ladies Of Soul
Art-Nr.: 0041863

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English, Hardback, 15.5x23.5 cm, 232 pages, few b&w photos -

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Leslie Gourse: Louis' Children - American Jazz Singers
Art-Nr.: 0041859

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English, Paperback, 15x22.5, 380 pages, few b&w photos - Louis Armstron pioneered the jazz vocal. Based on dozens of interviews , this book provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse performers who inherited Satchmo's legacy and made it their own: Ethel...

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Roadkill On The Three-Chord...: Roadkill On The Three-Chord Highway
Art-Nr.: 0041819

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English, Paperback, 15x23 cm, 228 pages, rare b&w photos - 'Escott mixes careful reporting, a sympathetic viewpoint, with wry and occasionally cutting humor that makes for fast and interesting reading.' - The Boston Globe, reviewing Hank Williams: The Biography...

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Desperados: Desperados - John Einarson: Roots Of Country Rock
Art-Nr.: 0031185

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Englisch, Paperback, 15x22,5 cm, 286 Seiten, s/w-Fotos - Aus allen Ecken des Landes kamen Farmer, Trucker, Bergleute und Angestellte an die goldene Küste Kaliforniens. Sie trugen ihre Gitarren, ihre Notizbücher, ihr Leben auf dem Rücken und widmeten sich der...

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Marc Weingarten: Station To Station - The History Of Rock & Roll On Television
Art-Nr.: 0041807

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English, Paperback, 15.5x23 cm, 320 pages, rare b&w photos - Televison and rock 'n' roll: a combative yet profitable marriage of convenience that shapes fashion, attitude, talk, and music itself. In STATION TO STATION, the first book to fully chronicle the evolution...

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Jim Longhi: Woody, Cisco & Me
Art-Nr.: 0041627

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English, Paperback, 15.5x23 cm, 280 pages, rare b&W photos - 'A wonderful, unexpected book. Thank you Jim!...Pete Seeger

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Kim Field: Harmonicas,harps, Heavy Breath - Harmonicas, Harps And Heavy Breathers
Art-Nr.: 0041215

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346 pages/Seiten - 23x15x2 cm - Paperback: History and musical signification of the harp/harmonica is explored here. Many important musicians from jazz, blues, rock, folk and country contribute their experiences. Geschichte und musikalische Bedeutung der Harmonica...

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