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Porter Wagoner

Geb. 12. 8. 1927 in der Nähe von West Plains - Missouri 
Record Labels: RCA, Warner Brothers, MCA 
Erster Top Ten Hit: A Satisfied Mind (1955) 
Erster No. 1 Hit: Misery Loves Company (1962) 

Porter Wagoner, ein sehr authentisch und urwüchsig klingender Sänger. Seine große Zeit waren die 50er und 60er Jahre, aber auch in den 70ern war er noch immer in den Charts präsent, auch wenn die Platzierungen nicht mehr so hoch ausfielen. 1980 kam er noch einmal mit einer älteren Aufnahme aus dem Archiv, mit Makin' Plans, auf Platz 1 der Charts. Dann wechselte er von RCA zur Warner Brothers, seither halten sich die Erfolge in Grenzen. 

Porter Wagoner begann seine glanzvolle Karriere 1951 bei der RadiostationKWTO in Springfield - Missouri. Mitte der 50er Jahre kam er zur Ozark Jamboree Show und unterzeichnete einen Schallplattenvertrag bei RCA, wo er auch sofort bei der ersten Hitparadenplazierung unter die Top Ten kam. 1957 wurde Porter Wagoner Mitglied der Grand Ole Opry und ab 1960 folgte seine eigene Fernsehshow mit den Gesangspartnerinnen Norma Jean und später Dolly Parton, die im Duett mit Wagoner ihre ersten großen Erfolge feierte. Genauso erfolgreich wie als Sänger war Porter Wagoner als Songwriter. Viele seiner großen Hits hat er selbst geschrieben und auch Dolly Parton hat immer wieder auf das Liedmaterial von Porter Wagoner zurückgegriffen."

Porter Wagoner
The Cold Hard Facts Of Life

When he died on October 28, 2007, Porter Wagoner was still savoring his career resurgence. Once derided as a relic of 'Old Nashville,' the singer unexpectedly discovered an appreciative new audience weaned on his bizarre, slice-of-life concept albums recorded forty years earlier. Critics were hailing his most recent album, as edgy 'alt-country' acts invited him to open their shows at major urban venues.

This acclaim was a long time coming. For decades, Wagoner had been an indelible icon of Nashville kitsch, a pompadoured, rhinestone-suited hero among the aging, uncritical motor coach set that made pilgrimages to Opryland, USA and 'The Grand Ole Opry.' Many still associated him with Dolly Parton, who rose to stardom under his tutelage.

Respected by his peers and always gracious among his fans, Wagoner generally took a high road, both personally and professionally. He seldom drank and usually avoided bookings in places where alcohol was served. He never staked any claims to songs written by others, an unsavory but common industry practice. Instead of paying his sidemen a union minimum per show, he gave them a share of an evening's proceeds.

Professionally, Wagoner was the standard bearer for traditional country music at a time when rock 'n' roll and the Nashville Sound kicked pure honky tonk into the dustbin of history. His television show reached an audience far beyond the American South and Midwest. Musicians as diverse as Marty Stuart and Jerry Garcia cut their country music teeth watching Wagoner's weekly program.

The singer's personal life was hardly exemplary. His romantic entanglement with Norma Jean fueled gossip mills. Besides effectively ending his marriage, it ultimately led to Norma Jean's departure from Wagoner's syndicated television show. Seven years later Parton's decision to leave Wagoner to explore broader, more lucrative opportunities led to acrimony and litigation. Like many other entertainers, Wagoner fell prey to amphetamines, although he never plunged to the depths of his more notorious contemporaries.

Artistically, no one ranked the singer's unadorned baritone delivery alongside such celebrated postwar country stylists as Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Johnny Horton and George Jones. But appreciation for Wagoner's sincere, straightforward approach has grown steadily in recent years. Marty Stuart, who produced Wagoner's 2007 valedictory album 'Wagonmaster,'hailed him as an "American master and a cornerstone of our music."

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Porter Wagoner: The Cold Hard Facts Of Life (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16537

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3-CD Digipac mit 60-seitigem Booklet, 70 Titeln, Spieldauer 177 Minuten. Erstmals auf CD: sechs legendäre Konzeptalben, die den verstorbenen Country-Superstar Porter Wagoner zum Kult-Künstler machten - 'Confessions Of A Broken Man' (1966); 'Soul Of A Convict'...

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Porter Wagoner: What Ain't To Be, Just Might
Art-Nr.: CDOMNI137

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(2010/OMNI) 30 tracks 1970-79 with 20 page booklet. Two original albums from the King of 'Psychotric Country' plus bonus tracks.

17,95 € *

Porter Wagoner: The Rubber Room - Haunting Poetic Songs
Art-Nr.: CDOMNI103

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(2006/OMNI) 29 tracks RCA Stereo/Mono 1966-77 with 16 page booklet

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Porter Wagoner: A Rare Slice Of Country
Art-Nr.: CDJAS3507

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CD on JASMINE RECORDS by Porter Wagoner - A Rare Slice Of Country

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Porter Wagoner: Gospel 2006
Art-Nr.: CDTVC0749

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CD on TEEVEE RECORDS by Porter Wagoner - Gospel 2006

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Porter Wagoner: The Silent Kind (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCAD2588

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(1996/RCA Special Music) 9 tracks

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Porter Wagoner: 18 Grand Old Gospel 2005
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Porter Wagoner: Gospel 2007
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Porter Wagoner: The Definitive Collection (2-CD)
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(2016/Real Gone) 40 tracks (RCA) - 20 page booklet with rare photos and liner notes by Colin Escott! - Niemand sang Country-Songs so herzergreifend wie Porter Wagoner, der 'Thin Man' von den West Plains. Diese Zusammenstellung beinhaltet 40 Songs auf zwei CDs mit 27...

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Porter Wagoner: 20 All Time Greatest Hits
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Porter Wagoner: Super Hits - Gospel
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(2009/GUSTO) 18 tracks

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Porter Wagoner: Vol.2, & Blackwood Bros Quartett - Gospel
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(1999/BMG/KING) 12 tracks

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Porter Wagoner: & Blackwood Bros Quartett - Grand Ole Gospel
Art-Nr.: CDKING5108

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CD on GUSTO RECORDS by - & Blackwood Bros Quartett - Grand Ole Gospel

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WAGONER, Porter: The Thin Man From The West Plains 4-CD & 36-B
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In mancher Leute Augen mag Ol' Porter nur ein Witz sein; seine frühen Aufnahmen aus jener Zeit, als er die letzte der großen Stimmen der Hillbilly-Ära war, waren allerdings nicht von schlechten Eltern: ungeschliffener, kompromissloser Country von einem ihrer Meister....

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CD on TEEVEE RECORDS by Porter Wagoner - 22 Grand Old Gospel 2004

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Porter Wagoner: Big Rock Candy Mountain - Favorites
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