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Tony Fletcher: All Hopped Up and Ready to Go - Music from the Streets of New York 1927 - 1977
Art-Nr.: book382441

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Taschenbuch - 492 Seiten - Omnibus Press - 2010 - Englisch 'Tony Fletcher has demonstrated extraordinary depth in his research and vibrancy in his writing. Not only was I fascinated by his stories of times and styles about which I knew little, but, in those areas in...

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Abba: Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA
Art-Nr.: 0001034

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Taschenbuch - 604 Seiten - Omnibus Press - 2014 - Englisch

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BEAR Family Records: Slide Guitar Monsters Tab Grv
Art-Nr.: 040690308

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('Hal Leonard') Rockin' Slide aus dem Hause Alligator, TAB und Standard Notation, mit Lyrics / rockin' slide guitar sounds from the Alligator farm. TAB and standard notation, incl. lyrics. Paperback, A4, 70 pages. Whether it is called bottleneck or slide guitar,...

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