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Randy McNutt: We Wanna Boogie - An Illustrated History Of The American Rockabilly Movement (2nd Revised Edition)
Art-Nr.: 0041006

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English, Paperback, 21.5x28 cm, 288 pages/Seiten, completely illustr. with hundreds of rare b/w photos, labelshots and article repros; The American rockabilly movement of the mid-1950s captured the imagination and spirit of young people everywhere. The magical blend...

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The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation (PB) by Andrew Sandoval
Art-Nr.: 0013038

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(2005/BACKBEAT) Flexicover, 21x28 cm, English, 304 pages, b&w photos. 'Hey, hey, we're THE MONKEES' That's how Mike, Peter, Davy, and Micky introduced themselves every week to the millions of 1960s TV viewers who tuned in to follow their comic adventures. But...

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Disco: Disco - Disco: The Music, the Times, the Era
Art-Nr.: 0042424

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(2011/Sterling) Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 288 Seiten English, 31x24 cm, durchgehend farbig illustriert. Eine fantastische Zeitreise vom Modern Soul, über Barry White, Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54 bis zu Madonna und den 90er Jahren in Wort und Bild (oft...

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John Milton: 78 Blues - Folksongs & Phonogr - 78 Blues
Art-Nr.: 0031420

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Folksongs And Phonographs In The American South' (2008/UNI.MISSISSIPPI) english, clothbound w.dustjacket, 24x16x2,5cm, 288 pages, few b&w illustration. A study of the first Hillbilly and Race records and their impact on artists and audiences -

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Russ Columbo: Joseph Lanza & Dennis Penna: Crooner Mystic
Art-Nr.: 0003054

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English, Softcover, 15x23 cm, 282 pages, many rare b&w photos - Russ Columbo And The Crooner Mystique: A dashing Hollywood figure rather resembling Rudolph Valentino, crooner Russ Columbo once rivaled Bing Crosby. But he was killed by a tragic, accidental shooting -...

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