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The Byrds Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset)

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The Byrds: Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset)

(2011/SONY) 11 Replica Mini Albums 1965-71 with 40 page booklet.


Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 1
1: Mr. Tambourine Man
2: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
3: Spanish Harlem Incident
4: You Won't Have To Cry
5: Here Without You
6: The Bells Of Rhymney
7: All I Really Want To Do
8: I Knew I'd Want You
9: It's No Use
10: Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe
11: Chimes Of Freedom
12: We'll Meet Again
13: Bonus Tracks:
14: She Has A Way
15: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Alternate V.)
16: It's No Use (Alternate Version)
17: You Won't Have To Cry (Alternate Version)
18: All I Really Want To Do (Single Version)
19: You And Me (Instrumental)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 2
1: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is ...
2: It Won't Be Wrong
3: Set You Free This Time
4: Lay Down Your Weary Tune
5: He Was A Friend Of Mine
6: The World Turns All Around Her
7: Satisfied Mind
8: If You're Gone
9: The Times They Are A-Changin'
10: Wait And See
11: Oh! Susannah
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: The Day Walk (Never Before)
14: She Don't Care About Time (Single Version)
15: The Times They Are A-Changin' (First Version)
16: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Version 1)
17: She Don't Care About Time (Version 1)
18: The World Turns All Around Her (Alternate Mix
19: Stranger In A Strange Land (Instrumental)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 3
1: 5D (Fifth Dimension)
2: Wild Mountain Thyme
3: Mr. Spaceman
4: I See You
5: What's Happening?!?!
6: I Come And Stand At Every Door
7: Eight Miles High
8: Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)
9: Captain Soul
10: John Riley
11: 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: Why (Single Version)
14: I Know My Rider (I Know You Rider)
15: Psychodrama City
16: Eight Miles High (Alternate Version)
17: Why (Alternate Version)
18: John Riley (Instrumental Version 1)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 4
1: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
2: Have You Seen Her Face
3: C.T.A. - 102
4: Renaissance Fair
5: Time Between
6: Everybody's Been Burned
7: Thoughts And Words
8: Mind Gardens
9: My Back Pages
10: The Girl With No Name
11: Why
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: It Happens Each Day
14: Don't Make Waves
15: My Back Pages (Alternate Version)
16: Mind Gardens (Alternate Version)
17: Lady Friend
18: Old John Robertson (Single Version)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 5
1: Artifical Energy
2: Goin' Back
3: Natural Harmony
4: Draft Morning
5: Wasn't Born To Follow
6: Get To You
7: Change Is Now
8: Old John Robertson
9: Tribal Gathering
10: Dolphins' Smile
11: Space Odyssey
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: Moog Raga (Instrumental)
14: Bound To Fall (Instrumental)
15: Traid
16: Goin' Back (Version 1)
17: Draft Morning (Alternate End)
18: Universal Mind Decoder (Instrumental)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 6
1: You Ain't Going Nowhere
2: I Am A Pilgrim
3: The Christian Life
4: You Don't Miss Your Water
5: You're Still On My Mind
6: Pretty Boy Floyd
7: Hickory Wind
8: One Hundred Years From Now
9: Blue Canadian Rockies
10: Life In Prison
11: Nothing Was Delivered
12: All I Have Are Memories
13: Reputation
14: Pretty Polly
15: Lazy Days
16: The Christian Life
17: You Don't Miss Your Water
18: One Hundred Years From Now
19: Radio Spot For Sweetheart Of The Rodeo Album
20: Sum Up Week
21: One Day Week
22: Truck Drivin' Man
23: Blue Eyes
24: Luxury Liner
25: Strong Boy
26: Lazy Days (Alternate Version)
27: Pretty Polly (Alternate Version)
28: Hickory Wind (Alternate Version)
29: The Christian Life (Rehearsal Version)
30: Life In Prison (Rehearsal Version)
31: Life In Prison (Rehearsal Version)
32: One Hundred Years From Now (Rehearsal Versio)
33: One Hundred Years From Now (Rehearsal Versio)
34: You're Still On My Mind (Rehearsal Version)
35: You're Still On My Mind (Rehearsal Version)
36: All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrum...
37: All I Have Are Memories (Alternate Instrum...
38: Blue Canadian Rockies (Rehearsal Version)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 7
1: This Wheel's On Fire
2: Old Blue
3: Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me
4: Child Of The Universe
5: Nashville West
6: Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
7: King Apathy III
8: Candy
9: Bad Night At The Whiskey
10: Medley: My Back Pages/B.J.Blues/Baby, What...
11: Bonus Tracks:
12: Stanley's Song
13: Lay, Lady, Lay
14: This Wheel's On Fire
15: Medley: My Back Pages/B.J.Blues/Baby, What...
16: Nashville West (Alternate Version)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 8
1: Ballad Of Easy Rider
2: Fido
3: Oil In My Lamp
4: Tulsa
5: Jack Tarr The Sailor
6: Jesus Is Just Alright
7: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
8: There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)
9: Gunga Din
10: Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
11: Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: Way Beyond The Sun
14: Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
15: Oil In My Lamp
16: Tulsa County (Alternate Version)
17: Fiddler A Dram (Moog Experiment)
18: Ballad Of Easy Rider (Long Version)
19: Build It Up (Instrumental)
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 9
1: Lover Of The Bayou
2: Positively 4th Street
3: Nashville West
4: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' ROll Star
5: Mr. Tambourine Man
6: Mr. Spaceman
7: Eight Miles High
8: Chestnut Mare
9: Truck Stop Girl
10: All The Things
11: Yesterday's Train
12: Hungry Planet
13: Just A Season
14: Take A Whiff On Me
15: You All Look Alike
16: Welcome Back Home
17: All The Things (Alternate Version)
18: Yesterday'S Train (Alternate Version)
19: Lover Of The Bayou (Studio Recording)
20: Kathleen's Song
21: White's Lightning (Part 2)
22: Willin'
23: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
24: Old Blue
25: It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
26: Ballad Of Easy Rider
27: My Back Pages
28: Take A Whiff On Me
29: Jesus Is Just Alright
30: This Wheel's On Fire
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 10
1: Glory, Glory
2: Pale Blue
3: I Trust
4: Tunnel Of Love
5: Citizen Kane
6: I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician
7: Absolute Happiness
8: Green Apple Quick Step
9: My Destiny
10: Kathleen's Song
11: Jamaica Say You Will
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: Just Like A Woman
14: Pale Blue (Alternate Verison)
15: Think I'm Gonna Feel Better
Byrds, The - Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset) CD 11
1: Tiffany Queen
2: Get Down Your Line
3: Farther Along
4: B.B. Class Road
5: Bugler
6: America's Great National Pastime
7: Antique Sandy
8: Precious Kate
9: So Fine
10: Lazy Waters
11: Bristol Steam Convention Blues
12: Bonus Tracks:
13: Lost My Drivin' Wheel
14: Born To Rock And Roll
15: Bag Full Of Money


Artikeleigenschaften von The Byrds: Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset)

  • Interpret: The Byrds

  • Albumtitel: Complete Columbia Albums (11-CD Boxset)

  • Artikelart CD

  • Genre Country

  • Label SONY

  • SubGenre Country - General

  • EAN: 0886978738028

  • Gewicht in Kg: 0.500

Interpreten-Beschreibung "Byrds, The"

The Byrds

Bei den Fans des Folkrock gelten die Byrds als die Erfinder dieser Musikrichtung. Für Gruppen wie Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash 8 Young sind sie heute noch die Vorbilder. 1964 wurde die Gruppe von Gitarrist Roger McGuinn (geboren 13. 7.1942 in Chicago) gegründet. Damals spielten Chris Hillman, Gene Clark, Michael Clarke und David Crosby die Mitglieder. Der erste Hit „Tambourine Man' war eine Komposition von Bob Dylan und führte 1965 bei den Freunden des Folkrock zu Aufständen - die Byrds waren die erste Gruppe, die es wagte, diese Musik mit elektrisch verstärkten Instrumenten zu spielen.

1967 trennte sich die Byrds aus musikalischen Gründen, seitdem spielen sie keine große Rolle mehr. David Crosby (geboren 14.8.1941 in Los Angeles) schloss sich bald darauf der Band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young an. Als neue Mitglieder kamen Gram Parsons und Clarence White und Roger McGuinn versuchte den Untergang der Gruppe zu vermeiden, schaffte es allerdings nicht. Hits blieben aus, andere, neue Folkrockgruppen machten dort weiter, wo die Byrds stehenblieben.

Als im Juli 1973 White und 2 Monate später auch Gram Parsons starben, gab Roger McGuinn auf. Er konzentrierte sich auf eine Solokarriere. Trotzdem sind die Byrds auch heute noch unvergessen, und ihre Platten gehören schon zu den Klassikern des Folkrock.

Original Presse-Info: CBS Schallplatten GmbH

The Byrds

Neither hailed as an instant classic nor seen as polarizing, 'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo' was largely ignored upon release on August 30, 1968. It alienated the Byrds' core audience without finding them a new one. In contrast, Bob Dylan's 'Nashville Skyline,' released eight months later, was hailed as boldly iconoclastic and became a best-seller. By February '68, Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, and David Crosby had gone, leaving just Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman as the Byrds. Hillman met Gram Parsons and invited him to join as a backing musician rather than group member.

McGuinn had a vision for the Byrds' new LP, but Parsons overrode it. “We hired a piano player and he turned out to be Parsons, a monster in sheep's clothing,” McGuinn told Fusion magazine. “George Jones in a big sequin suit.” Both McGuinn and Hillman were versed in folk and bluegrass, so country wasn't as much of a stretch as McGuinn implied.Hillman's cousin, drummer Kevin Kelley, rounded out the new Byrds, and they found twelve songs, cut their hair, and headed for Nashville. They recorded for one week with a few session guys and guests, including John Hartford and steel guitarist Lloyd Green. The Opry appearance at the end of the week was an omen that all would not be well, but the problems began before that. Lee Hazlewood had the International Submarine Band under contract, and considered Parsons bound by that contract. Some of Parsons' vocals were replaced, leaving him as a guest vocalist on a couple of songs.

The album credits were cryptic, listing all the musicians in the 'Thanks to' credit line, usually reserved for the dope dealer. Shortly before release, the Byrds toured Europe before heading for South Africa. Parsons cited the South African dates as the reason he left to form the Flying Burrito Brothers, although the problem might have been that he'd just heard the test pressing. “They chopped up the album however they wanted,” he told Bud Scoppa. “I wasn't there when they chopped it. This cat, Gary Usher, decided that it should go Hollywood freaky. It was a serious country album. A great album that might as well never have been recorded.” For his part, Usher said that the LHI contractual issues were resolved during the week in Nashville and some of the vocals were redone at McGuinn's insistence to reduce Parsons' footprint. The LP cover, a detail from Jo Mora's 1933 poster for the Salinas Rodeo, was a stroke of genius.


'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo' contained two new Dylan songs, but the highlight was Parsons' achingly sweet lament for his South of dreams and memory, Hickory Wind. Chris Hillman's high harmonies were exquisite. Parsons' collaborator on the song, Bob Buchanan of the International Submarine Band, said they wrote it on a train ride back to Los Angeles from Florida shortly before Parsons joined the Byrds. "We were a little Hollywood weary," said Buchanan. "I had gone back to Michigan to see my folks and Gram had gone back to see his family in Florida. I was getting a sandwich in the dining car and came back to the room. Gram had his guitar out and was working on the start of 'Hickory Wind.' We had both been back home and in a simpler time, and suddenly we were heading for Hollywood. We were in a down mood." Buchanan wrote the second verse (“I started out younger…”). “Of all people in my high school class,” he said, “how many got out and did what I did? I was on the road and having adventures when I was 19 years old. Fancy sports car and motorcycle back in my house in Hollywood. I had all that and was still bankrupt.

What else can life bring? Big deal with all the riches and pleasures - that wasn't the answer." After Parsons' death, the song was seen as the summation of his art. But then rumors began to surface that, as a young folkie in Greenville, South Carolina, he poached the song from a blind folk singer, Sylvia Sammons. According to researcher David W. Johnson, Sammons lived in Highlands, North Carolina. Some remember her singing Hickory Wind as early as 1963 when Parsons was in the Carolinas, and, of course, North Carolina is associated with the Hickory tree whereas Parsons' home state, Florida, is not. She didn't hear the Byrds' recording, but heard Joan Baez's 1969 cover version. According to several of those around Sammons, she turned over a copy of the song she'd mailed to herself in a still-sealed envelope (an age-old way of copyrighting a song) and received a one-time payout.

And so the story ends with a question mark. Sammons still insists that she wrote it. Parsons might have thought he was adapting a traditional song, but never gave any indication to Hillman or McGuinn that it was anything other than his and Buchanan's work. Buchanan got out of music and worked at General Motors until retirement, but still insists that he wrote the second verse, which he probably did.

Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1968
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