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Four Knights Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD)

Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD)
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(1998/ORBITAL) 56 tracks mehr

Four Knights: Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD)

(1998/ORBITAL) 56 tracks

Artikeleigenschaften von Four Knights: Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD)

  • Interpret: Four Knights

  • Albumtitel: Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD)

  • Genre R&B, Soul

  • Label DESPO CD

  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 0095451346227

  • Gewicht in Kg: 0.2
Four Knights, The - Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD) CD 1
01 That's The Way It Gonna Be Four Knights
02 Say No More Four Knights
03 I Get So Lonely (When I Dream About You) Four Knights
04 Period Four Knights
05 Tennessee Train Four Knights
06 Oh, Happy Days Four Knights
07 The More I Go Out With Somebody Else Four Knights
08 Charmaine Four Knights
09 (It's No) Sin Four Knights
10 Who Am I? Four Knights
11 In The Chapel In The Moonlight Four Knights
12 Anniversary Song Four Knights
13 The Glory Of Love Four Knights
14 Cry Four Knights
15 I Wanna Say Hello Four Knights
16 Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider Four Knights
17 Sleepy Time Gal Four Knights
18 Till Then Four Knights
19 Sentimental Journey Four Knights
20 Easy Street Four Knights
21 When My Baby Smiles At Me Four Knights
22 I Go Crazy Four Knights
23 Oh, Miss Hannah Four Knights
24 Walkin' In The Sunshine Four Knights
25 Georgia On My Mind Four Knights
26 I Ain't Get Nobody Four Knights
27 One Way Kisses Four Knights
28 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Four Knights
Four Knights, The - Jivin' & Smoothin' 1951-59 (2-CD) CD 2
01 Honey Bunch Four Knights
02 Write Me Baby Four Knights
03 Inside Out Four Knights
04 Perdido Four Knights
05 Baby Doll Four Knights
06 I'm The World's Biggest Fool Four Knights
07 Guilty Four Knights
08 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie Four Knights
09 I Couldn't Stay Away From You Four Knights
10 Bottle Up The Moonlight Four Knights
11 I Love That Song Four Knights
12 Happy Birthday, Baby Four Knights
13 Saw Your Eyes Four Knights
14 Don't Depend On Me Four Knights
15 Foolishly Yours Four Knights
16 I Was Meant For You Four Knights
17 I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile Four Knights
18 Walkin' And Whistlin' Blues Four Knights
19 Got Her Off My Hands Four Knights
20 Doo Wacka Dee Four Knights
21 Win Of Lose Four Knights
22 Sentimental Fool Four Knights
23 O' Falling Star Four Knights
24 Yes I Do (The Wedding Song) Four Knights
25 When Your Loves Has Gone Four Knights
26 The Four Minute Mile Four Knights
27 Things To Do Today Four Knights
28 Where Is The Love Four Knights
The Four Knights The Four Knights That's The Way It's Gonna Be   After... mehr
"Four Knights"

The Four Knights

The Four Knights

That's The Way It's Gonna Be


After spending most of their distinguished career as a pop-oriented outfit with plenty of network radio exposure but precious few hits until they signed with Capitol in 1951, The Four Knights temporarily veered into more an R&B direction the next year.

Like The Larks, the Knights originally hailed from North Carolina - Charlotte, in their case. Lead tenor Gene Alford, tenor/guitarist John Wallace, baritone Clarence Dixon, and bass Oscar Broadway were a spiritual aggregation, The Southland Jubilee Singers, before they changed their handle to The Four Knights and went secular in 1945. They signed with Decca the next year, later switching to the company's Coral subsidiary, but it wasn't until they switched to Capitol in '51 that the Knights began scoring hits on a somewhat consistent basis.

Howard Biggs and Joe Thomas were A&R men at RCA Victor, though their swinging composition That's The Way It's Gonna Be found its way to the Knights at Capitol, which released the single in August of 1952 with the frantic Say No More on the flip. The single didn't make the same pop splash that their I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile had the year before - maybe it was too R&B-oriented for their longtime audience, with a booting two-chorus sax solo - but it's one of their most exciting discs.  

The shift didn't hold long. I Get So Lonely (When I Dream About You), the Knights' biggest seller of all in 1954, sailed to #2 in the U.S. and #5 over in Great Britain but returned the Knights to the pop milieu, though it did ride a bouncy, infectious tempo. Alford was permanently sidelined by epilepsy in the mid-'50s, the Knights soldiering on with George Vereen and then Clinton Holland taking his place. They pulled double duty at Capitol for a time, harmonizing with Nat 'King' Cole on the 1956 hit That's All There Is To That and the next year's My Personal Possession as in addition to waxing their own singles. The quartet managed a last pop hit for Coral in 1959, O' Falling Star, making it into the mid-'60s before calling it quits. 

Bill Dahl

Various - Street Corner Symphonies Vol.04

1952 The Complete Story Of Doo Wop

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