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Various - Troubadours Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD)

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Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) 3-CD Digipak with... mehr

Various - Troubadours: Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD)

Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD)

3-CD Digipak with 152-page booklet (English language), 75 tracks. Total playing time approx. 203 mns.

In the one hundred years that folk music has been recorded in the United States, the tradition has embraced ballads - mostly new, but some transplanted from Europe, political statements, personal introspection, and much more. Now the story is here from the 1920s to the 1970s and beyond in four exclusive 3-CD sets. Through this music, we feel it all from the isolation of early twentieth century Appalachia through the economic and political upheavals of the Depression, War, and Civil Rights eras to contemporary west coast singer-songwriters looking within for inspiration. The story is here: original artists and original versions in stunning sound with detailed notes from folk scholar Dave Samuelson.

The first set covers the period from the 1920s through to 1957. All the names you'd expect are here: the Carter Family, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, the Weavers, Lead Belly, Cisco Houston, and many, many more. Here are the original versions of songs that have become classics and rallying cries: Wildwood Flower, Midnight Special, Rock Island Line, Wayfaring Stranger, So Long It's Been Good To Know You, This Land Is Your Land, 16 Tons, 900 Miles, Delia, and many, many more.

3-CD Digipak with 120-page booklet (English language), 70 tracks. Total playing time approx. 221 mns.

The second set begins with the folk revival that started in the wake of the Kingston Trio's Tom Dooley and continues through the dawn of the singer-songwriter era. It includes early folk revival classics like Walk Right In, Michael, and Green, Green. The second disc begins with Bob Dylan's game-changing classics, Blowing In The Wind, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Masters Of War, Mr. Tambourine Man, and The Times They Are A-Changin'. It was the Civil Rights era and the Vietnam era, so the music took on contemporary issues. In Dylan's wake came Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, and many others, all of them represented by their finest work.

3-CD Digipak mit 112-seitigem Booklet, 63 Einzeltitel. Gesamtspieldauer ca. 233 Minuten

Along with folklorist Alan Lomax, Pete Seeger was a primary figure in seeding and shaping the American folk music revival. He never viewed himself as an entertainer, nor was he particularly comfortable as a solo performer. Yet his evangelical zeal for folk music and progressive social change inspired and nurtured three generations of singer-songwriters.

Born May 3, 1919 in New York City, Pete Seeger was the third and youngest son of Charles and Constance Seeger, instructors at the New York Institute of Musical Art. The couple divorced when Peter was eight years old. In 1932 Charles married his student, Ruth Crawford, now hailed as a major 20th century composer. The couple had four children; of them, Mike and Peggy Seeger also became significant figures in American folk music. 

In summer 1936, Charles and Ruth took the 17-year-old Peter to the 'Mountain Dance And Folk Festival' near Asheville, North Carolina. The youth was fascinated by the square dances and especially Bascom Lamar Lunsford's and Samantha Bumgarner's driving five-string banjo styles. Seeger spent the next five years perfecting his own banjo technique.

After dropping out of Harvard University, Seeger became involved with folk music, labor organizing and politics. Alan Lomax encouraged the youth, hiring him to catalog race and old-time music recordings held by the Archive of American Folk Song in the Library of Congress. As Seeger's confidence and musical skills grew, Lomax invited him to participate on his CBS radio show. In March 1940 Seeger met balladeer Woody Guthrie at a New York fundraiser for displaced migrant workers.

In January 1941 Seeger, Lee Hays and Millard Lampell formed the Almanac Singers, performing folk songs and incisive topical songs at meetings, private functions, and labor rallies. Singing in natural, unaffected voices and driven by Seeger's clawhammer banjo, the Almanacs fused the essence and excitement of rural Southern string bands with the passion of labor songs and the dry, clever wit of New York's cabaret entertainers. This appealing music hybrid defined the sound and style of the American folk revival, and their records inspired a generation of young musicians. During the group's brief existence, the Almanac Singers' revolving roster included Woody Guthrie, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Josh White, Bess Lomax Hawes and Agnes 'Sis' Cunningham.

While serving in the army during World War II, Seeger envisioned a national movement unifying songwriters, performers, choral leaders and labor unions into a force for political and social change. After returning to New York in fall 1945, Seeger formed People's Songs. Initially drawing upon members of New York's leftist folk, theatrical and literary scenes, the organization soon opened offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland. Two years after its founding, 2,000 folk music enthusiasts attended People's Songs' first national convention in New York.

However, People's Songs emerged as anti-Communist fervor grasped America. Many activists within the movement were or had been members of the American Communist Party. In 1948, People's Songs embraced the third-party Presidential bid of former Vice-President Henry Wallace, who advocated co-operation with the Soviet Union. Members who mistrusted the Communists broke away from the movement, while those who remained – particularly Seeger – became easy targets for right-wing zealots.

The Wallace campaign bankrupted People's Songs. To pay off its debts, the remaining activists held a fund-raising hootenanny at a New York theater in late November 1948. To accompany a folk dance ensemble, Seeger recruited guitarist Fred Hellerman, his old Almanac Singers vocalist and song leader Lee Hays, and contralto Ronnie Gilbert. The quartet clicked musically and further rehearsals refined their sound. Although they had no long-range professional aspirations, the group performed at labor functions, political rallies and on Oscar Brand's WNYC radio show, eventually adopting the name The Weavers. In December 1949 the group reluctantly accepted a week-long engagement at the Village Vanguard, a popular lower Manhattan cabaret. The response led owner Max Gordon to extend the booking through June. , Orchestra leader Gordon Jenkins caught the Weavers at the Vanguard and brokered a Decca recording contract. Their first record with Jenkins, Goodnight, Irene backed with Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, unexpectedly became 1950's biggest hit.

As their visibility rose, so did the ire of the watchdogs on the right. Harvey Matuso, a former People's Songs volunteer who fancied himself as a master of espionage, warned the FBI about the Weavers' Communist affiliations. 'Red Channels' cited Seeger for 13 Communist affiliations. Television appearances were cancelled when callers threatened sponsors with boycotts. The Knights of Columbus forced the Ohio State Fair to pull the Weavers' booking; the incident received national publicity. American Legion posts in various cities harassed nightclub owners that booked the Weavers. With each new Decca release, airplay dwindled. By 1952 the group formally disbanded, although it reunited sporadically for concerts after 1955.

Seeger resumed his solo performances, primarily in front of appreciative college audiences. He remained a target of right-wing super patriots. On August 18, 1955, Seeger was subpoenaed to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. A polite but hostile witness, he refused to answer questions about his personal and political associations. His stance led to a March 26, 1957, indictment for contempt of Congress. For the next five years Seeger was obligated to notify the federal government whenever he left the Southern District of New York. In March 1961 a jury found Seeger guilty and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The first four tracks in this collection were recorded during this period of uncertainty.

Oh, Had I A Golden Thread appeared on Seeger's 1960 Folkways collection 'Rainbow Quest.' Seeger later used it as the theme for his mid-'60s public television series. That album also yielded one of Seeger's best-loved songs, Where Have All The Flowers Gone. He wrote it in October 1955, basing it on three lines from a Ukrainian folksong Mikhail Sholokhov quoted in his 1934 novel 'And Quiet Flows The Don.' He introduced his three-verse version at an Oberlin College concert, sang it for about a year, then set it aside until he recorded it in 1959.

Joe Hickerson, later director of the Archive of Folk Song at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, attended that Oberlin concert. Hickerson was an Indiana University folklore student in early 1960 when Folkways released Seeger's 'Rainbow Quest' album. He began singing Where Have All The Flowers Gone around Bloomington coffeehouses and hootenannies. Feeling the song was too short for audience participation, Hickerson wrote two additional verses followed by a repeat of the first verse. He introduced his expanded circular version the following summer at Camp Woodland, a progressive youth camp in New York's Catskill Mountains. At the end of the season, the staff and campers brought the song to New York City, where Peter Yarrow, Noel Stookey and Mary Travers learned it for their first album as Peter, Paul and Mary. The Kingston Trio learned it from them, beating them in the marketplace with a quickly recorded single

3-CD Digipak with 140-page booklet, 80 tracks. Total playing time approx. 257 mns.

The West Coast

If the East Coast primarily nurtured the contemporary folk scene, Los Angeles and San Francisco were parallel hubs of the folk music revival. In late 1945 Pete Seeger established People's Songs, Inc., to use folk and topical songs to further postwar progressive political and social issues. Within months composer/folksinger Earl Robinson opened the New York operation's first branch office in Los Angeles, attracting labor organizer and journalist Vern Partlow, and film industry professionals like actor Will Geer and arranger Sonny Vale. Its members included Richard Dehr and Frank Miller, who performed folk songs as The Easy Riders.

Los Angeles was also the original home of Charter Records, a label that served People's Songs members with recordings by Seeger, Morry Goodson and Sonny Vale, and calypsonian Sir Lancelot. It also encouraged events up north in San Francisco, where Malvina Reynolds found kindred spirits among the People's Songs activists. With Seeger's encouragement she became a master composer of satiric, poignant and enduring songs.

Although People's Songs dissolved in 1949, it helped seed a vital West Coast folk community. Terry Gilkyson, a Pennsylvania native who moved to Los Angeles in 1947, struck gold with his folk-flavored The Cry Of The Wild Goose. Gilkyson's understated Decca recording spawned multiple cover versions, including Frankie Laine's chart-topping Mercury single in 1951. In a joint session with The Weavers, Gilkyson sang the lead on On Top Of Old Smoky, which rose to No. 2 on the Billboard pop chart. In 1955 he joined Dehr and Miller's Easy Riders. Besides jointly collaborating on Memories Are Made Of This, the Easy Riders accompanied Dean Martin on his No. 1 hit single.

If the early New York folk scene fostered an alluring Bohemian atmosphere, the West Coast singers created a sunnier approach. Many performers were tied to the entertainment industry, writing scores or acting in films and television. Performers like Rod McKuen, Mason Williams, Mike Settle, Travis Edmonson, Van Dyke Parks and John Stewart were gifted lyricists and skilled, melodic composers. When Bob Dylan shook up the East Coast folk music community in 1962, their careers and styles were already established.

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Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 1
01 I Never Will Marry The Carter Family
02 Litte Darling, Pal Of Mine The Carter Family
03 Wildwood Flower The Carter Family
04 The Midnight Special Leed Belly
05 Western Plain (When I Was A Cowboy) Leed Belly
06 Rock Island Line Leed Belly
07 The Horse Named Bill Carl Sandburg
08 Weave Room Blues The Dixon Brothers
09 Joe Hill Earl Robinson
10 The House I Live In Earl Robinson
11 The Frozen Logger Earl Robinson
12 One Meat Ball Josh White
13 The Wayfaring Stranger Burl Ives
14 Do Re Mi Woody Guthrie
15 I Ain't Got No Home Woody Guthrie
16 Pretty Boy Floyd Woody Guthrie
17 Dusty Old Dust (So Long, It's Been Good To Know You) Woody Guthrie
18 Babe O'Mine Woody Guthrie
19 Grand Coulee Dam Woody Guthrie
20 Ramblin' Round Woody Guthrie
21 Hard Travelin' Woody Guthrie
22 This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie
23 Philadelphia Lawyer Woody Guthrie
24 I've Got To Know Woody Guthrie
25 Hard, Ain't It Hard Woody Guthrie
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 2
01 Which Side Are You On The Almanac Singers
02 Union Maid The Almanac Singers
03 Union Train The Almanac Singers
04 Sinking Of The Reuben James The Almanac Singers
05 UAW-CIO The Union Boys
06 A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore The Union Boys
07 Solidarity Forever The Union Boys
08 Old Man Atom (Talking Atomic Blues) Sam Hinton
09 Passing Through DickBlakeslee
10 Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People Vern Partlow
11 Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues Pete Seeger
12 The Death Of Harry Simms Pete Seeger
13 No Irish Need Apply Pete Seeger
14 Darling Corey Pete Seeger
15 The Cry Of The Wild Goose Terry Gilkyson
16 Sixteen Tons Merle Travis
17 Dark As A Dungeon Merle Travis
18 Wasn't That A Time The Weavers
19 Banks Of Marble The Weavers
20 The Hammer Song The Weavers
21 Goodnight Irene The Weavers
22 So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You The Weavers
23 Die Gedanken Sind Frei Duncan/ Lieberman / Sanders / Smith
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 3
01 900 Miles Cisco Houston
02 Diamond Joe Cisco Houston
03 Great American Bum Cisco Houston
04 Jubilee Jean Ritchie
05 Dear Companion Jean Ritchie
06 Bootlegger's Song Oscar Brand
07 Around Her Neck Oscar Brand
08 Paper Of Pins Oscar Brand
09 Go Way From My Window Cynthia Gooding
10 John Brown's Body Ed McCurdy
11 Raspberries, Strawberries (Ah Les Fraises Et Les Frambous) Will Holt
12 The MTA Will Holt
13 Delia Bob Gibson
14 Abilene Bob Gibson
15 Gotta Travel On Paul Clayton
16 Who'll Gonna Buy You Ribbons When I'm Gone Paul Clayton
17 Pay Day At Coal Creek Paul Clayton
18 The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud The Gateway Singers
19 Come To The Dance The Gateway Singers
20 Marianne The Easy Riders
21 Strolling Blues The Easy Riders
22 Green Fields The Easy Riders
23 Kari Waits For Me The Easy Riders
24 Cindy, Oh Cindy Vince Martin & The Tarriers
25 The Banana Boat Song The Tarriers
26 Those Brown Eyes The Tarriers
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 4
01 Scotch And Soda The Kingston Trio
02 The MTA The Kingston Trio
03 A Worried Man The Kingston Trio
04 The New Frontier The Kingston Trio
05 Run The Ridges The Kingston Trio
06 If You Don't Look Around The Kingston Trio
07 Soft Blow The Summer Winds The Journeymen
08 Hush Now Sally The Journeymen
09 Ride, Ride, Ride The Journeymen
10 Someone To Talk My Troubles To The Journeymen
11 A Dollar Down The Limeliters
12 Those Were The Days The Limeliters
13 Adios Mi Corazon (Spanish Is The Loving Tongue) The Limeliters
14 Dubarry Done Gone Again The Chad Mitchel Trio
15 The Marvelous Toy The Chad Mitchel Trio
16 One Man's Hands The Chad Mitchel Trio
17 That's The Way It's Gonna Be The Chad Mitchel Trio
18 Leaving On A Jet Plane The Chad Mitchel Trio
19 South Wind Bud & Travis
20 Cloudy Summer Afternoon Bud & Travis
21 Michael The Highwaymen
22 Cotton Fields The Highwaymen
23 Walk Right In The Rooftop Singers
24 Tom Cat The Rooftop Singers
25 Green Green The New Christy Minstrels
26 Today The New Christy Minstrels
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 5
19 Dusty Box Car Wall Eric Andersen
20 Violets Of Dawn Eric Andersen
21 Thirsty Boots Eric Andersen
01 Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan
02 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Bob Dylan
03 Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan
04 Masters Of War Bob Dylan
05 The Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan
06 Mr Tambourine Man Bob Dylan
07 There But For Fortune Phil Ochs
08 Power And The Glory Phil Ochs
09 I Ain't Marching Anymore Phil Ochs
10 Draft Dodger Rag Phil Ochs
11 Changes Phil Ochs
12 When I'm Gone Phil Ochs
13 Ramblin' Boy Tom Paxton
14 I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound Tom Paxton
15 The Last Thing On My Mind Tom Paxton
16 What Did You Learn In School Today? Tom Paxton
17 Ain't That News Tom Paxton
18 Bottle Of Wine Tom Paxton
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 6
01 Close The Door Lightly When You Go Eric Andersen
02 Seven Daffodils The Tarriers
03 Cocaine Blues Dave Van Ronk
04 Come Back Baby Dave Van Ronk
05 Bad Dream Blues Dave Van Ronk
06 Anathea Judy Collins
07 Hey Nelly Nelly Judy Collins
08 Carry It On Judy Collins
09 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes Peter LaFarge
10 As Long As The Grass Shall Grow Peter LaFarge
11 Stewball The Greenbriar Boys
12 Different Drum The Greenbriar Boys
13 Many A Mile Patrick Sky
14 Reason To Believe Tim Hardin
15 If I Were A Carpenter Tim Hardin
16 The Lady Came From Baltimore Tim Hardin
17 The Other Side Of Life Fred Neil
18 Blues On The Ceiling Fred Neil
19 Little Bit Of Rain Fred Neil
20 The Dolphins Fred Neil
21 Everybody's Talking Fred Neil
22 Grand Hotel David Blue
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 7
01 Oh, Had I A Golden Thread Peter Seeger
02 Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Peter Seeger
03 Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Peter Seeger
04 The Bells Of Rhymney Peter Seeger
05 Turn! Turn! Turn! Peter Seeger
06 Song Of The Punch Press Operator Peter Seeger
07 Waist Deep In The Big Muddy Peter Seeger
08 From Way Up Here Peter Seeger
09 The Clearwater Peter Seeger
10 Last Train To Nuremberg Peter Seeger
11 Hobo's Lullaby Peter Seeger
12 What Have They Done To The Rain? Joan Baez
13 We Shall Overcome Joan Baez
14 Farewell, Angelina Joan Baez
15 Daddy, You've Been On My Mind Joan Baez
16 Legend Of A Girl Child Linda Joan Baez
17 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Joan Baez
18 Diamonds And Rust Joan Baez
19 Now That The Buffalo's Gone Buffy Sainte-Marie
20 Cod'ine Buffy Sainte-Marie
21 The Universal Soldier Buffy Sainte-Marie
22 Until It's Time For You To Go Buffy Sainte-Marie
23 The Piney Wood Hills Buffy Sainte-Marie
24 My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying Buffy Sainte-Marie
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 8
01 On The Road Again Tom Rush
02 No Regrets Tom Rush
03 Merrimack County Tom Rush
04 Joshua Gone Barbados Eric Von Schmidt
05 Light Rain Eric Von Schmidt
06 Won't You Tell Me Mitch Greenhill
07 Highway 301 Blues Mitch Greenhill
08 One Morning In May Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
09 Kentucky Moonshiner Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
10 Three Songs / A Look At The Ragtime Era (Sister Kate's Night Out) Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
11 Ginger Man Geoff Muldaur
12 Minglewood Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
13 Garden Of Joy Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
14 Midnight At The Oasis Maria Muldaur
15 South Coast Ramblin' Jack Elliott
16 San Francisco Bay Blues Ramblin' Jack Elliott
17 Coming In To Los Angeles Arlo Guthrie
18 Percy's Song Arlo Guthrie
19 Alice's Restaurant Arlo Guthrie
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 9
01 Daydream The Lovin' Spoonful
02 Younger Girl The Lovin' Spoonful
03 Darlin' Companion The Lovin' Spoonful
04 Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down) Tim Rose
05 Louise Paul Siebel
06 Any Day Woman Paul Siebel
07 Sunshine Jonathan Edwards
08 Shanty Jonathan Edwards
09 You Don't Mess Around With Jim Jim Croce
10 Time In A Bottle Jim Croce
11 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce
12 Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) Jim Croce
13 I Got A Name Jim Croce
14 The Holdup David Bromberg
15 Danger Man David Bromberg
16 Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) Melanie
17 What Have They Done To My Song, Ma Melanie
18 Brand New Key Melanie
19 Taxi Harry Chapin
20 Cat's In The Cradle Harry Chapin
21 Sunshine Jonathan Edwards
22 Shanty Jonathan Edwards>
23 You Don't Mess Around With Jim Jim Croce
24 Time In A Bottle Jim Croce
25 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce
26 Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) Jim Croce
27 I Got A Name Jim Croce
28 The Holdup David Bromberg
29 Danger Man David Bromberg
30 Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) Melanie
31 What Have They Done To My Song, Ma Melanie
32 Brand New Key Melanie
33 Taxi Harry CDhapin
34 Cat's In The Cradle Harry CDhapin
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 10
01 Love's Been Good To Me Rod McKuen
02 Seasons In The Sun Rod McKuen
03 Long Time Gone Mason Williams
04 The Times I've Had Mark Spoelstra
05 She's Gone Mark Spoelstra
06 Five And Twenty Questions Mark Spoelstra
07 If I Were Free Dian James
08 He Was A Friend Of Mine Dian James
09 Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds
10 Pack Up Your Sorrows Richard & Mimi Farina
11 The Falcon Richard & Mimi Farina
12 Birmingham Sunday Richard & Mimi Farina
13 Bold Marauder Richard & Mimi Farin
14 A Swallow Song Richard & Mimi Farina
15 Hickory Wind The Byrds
16 Tried So Hard Gene Clark
17 Train Leaves Here This Morning Dillard & Clark Expedition
18 Once I Was Tim Buckley
19 July, You're A Woman John Stewart
20 California Bloodlines John Stewart
21 One (Is A Lonely Number) Harry Nilsson
22 Rainmaker Harry Nilsson
23 Joanne Michael Nesmith
24 Calico Girl Friend Michael Nesmith
25 Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver
26 Rocky Mountain High John Denver
27 Back Home Again John Denver
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 11
01 The Battle Of New Orleans 1 Jimmy Driftwood
02 Tennessee Stud 2 Jimmy Driftwood
03 What Color Is The Soul Of A Man 3 Jimmy Driftwood
04 Rain And Snow 4 Obray Ramsey
05 500 Miles 5 Hedy West
06 Cotton Mill Girls 6 Hedy West
07 The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore 7 Jean Ritchie
08 Blue Diamond Mines 8 Jean Ritchie
09 Black Waters 9 Jean Ritchie
10 Coal Tattoo 10 Billy Edd Wheeler
11 Blistered 11 Billy Edd Wheeler
12 Jackson 12 Billy Edd Wheele
13 High Flying Bird 13 Billy Edd Wheeler
14 Gentle On My Mind 14 John Hartford
15 Natural To Be Gone 15 John Hartford
16 California Earthquake 16 John Hartford
17 Steamboat Whistle Blues 17 John Hartford
18 How I Love Them Old Songs 18 Mickey Newbury
19 Sweet Memories 19 Mickey Newbury
20 Mr Bojangles 20 Jerry Jeff Walke
21 Pancho And Lefty 21 Townes Van Zandt
22 Seven Bridges Road 22 Steve Young
23 Brand New Tennessee Waltz 23 Jesse Winchester
24 Yankee Lady 24 Jesse Winchester
25 Me And Bobby McGee 25 Kris Kristofferson
26 Help Me Make It Through The Night Kris Kristofferson
27 Casey's Last Ride Kris Kristofferson
Various - Troubadours - Troubadours - Folk And The Roots Of American Music, Vol.1-4 (12-CD) CD 12
01 Settle Down Mike Settle
02 Sing Hallelujah Mike Settle
03 Greenback Dollar Hoyt Axton
04 Thunder 'N' Lightnin' Hoyt Axton
05 Blues Around My Head Bob Gibson
06 Where I'm Bound Bob Gibson
07 Daddy Roll 'Em tBob Gibson, Hamilton Camp
08 Good Time Charlie John Koerner
09 The Unicorn Shel Silverstein
10 Bury Me In My Shades Shel Silverstein
11 Sam Stone John Prine
12 Angel From Montgomery John Prine
13 Paradise John Prine
14 Souvenirs John Prine
15 City Of New Orleans Steve Goodman
16 Four Strong Winds Ian & Sylvia
17 You Were On My Mind Ian & Sylvia
18 Someday Soon Ian & Sylvia
19 Summer Wages Ian & Sylvia
20 For Loving Me Gordon Lightfoot
21 Early Morning Rain Gordon Lightfoot
22 Did She Mention My Name Gordon Lightfoot
23 Morning Dew Bonnie Dobson
24 Snowbird Gene MacLellan
25 Put Your Hand In The Hand Gene MacLellan
Troubadours Die Geschichte der US-amerikanischen Singer-Songwriter Jackson Browne, Bob... mehr
"Various - Troubadours"


Die Geschichte der US-amerikanischen Singer-Songwriter

Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Joni Mitchell und James Taylor werden meist als Begründer der zeitgenössischen Singer-Songwriter-Bewegung in Amerika angeführt. Die amerikanische Tradition der Liedermacher reicht jedoch bis in die Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts zurück. Sie ist tief verwurzelt in anglo-keltischen Balladen, protestantischen Erweckungsliedern, in afroamerikanischen Spirituals und Work Songs, sowie den Minstrel- und Medicine-Shows. Weiterhin lieferten die englischen und amerikanischen Romantiker des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts Ideen und Rollenmodelle für viele Songwriter der Gegenwart.

Die Erfahrungen und die Energie einer jungen zusammengewürfelten Nation auf der Suche nach Identität, lieferten den kulturellen Hintergrund für eine reichhaltige Folklore. Bis zum Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs waren die USA eigentlich eine Agrarnation mit streckenweise sehr dünner Besiedelung. Folksongs waren allgegenwärtiger Bestandteil des täglichen Lebens. Sie erleichterten nicht nur Einsamkeit, monotone Arbeit und boten Entspannung bei einem eher kurzen Feierabend, sondern vermittelten auch Nachrichten, sowie soziale und religiöse Normen in entlegene Gegenden. Weiterhin half die starke Verknüpfung von Folklore und Alltag bei der Bildung einer eigenen amerikanischen Stimme, als neuer Variante der englischen Sprache. Im späteren 19. Jahrhundert begannen einzelne Vorreiter, den Folk-Pool für kommerzielle und politische Zwecke zu nutzen. Wahre Pionierarbeit lieferte zum Beispiel die Hutchison Family aus Milford, New Hampshire. Sie ging mit kirchlichen und weltlichen Liedern auf Tournee durch die Vereinigten Staaten und lieferte oft musikalische Rahmenprogramme für populistische Versammlungen. In den Jahren vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg gestalteten die linken Aktivisten Joe Hill und Ralph Chaplin aus traditionellem Liedgut und Kirchenliedern sarkastische Hymnen für die Industrial Workers of the World.

Der aus Virginia stammende Bentley Ball veranstaltete während der frühen Zwanzigerjahre Liederabende mit Balladen aus den Appalachen, Cowboyliedern und sogar Musikbeispielen einiger Stämme der Ureinwohner Amerikas vor einem faszinierten städtischen Publikum. Von 1918 bis 1920 machte er als erster Aufnahmen von Folk-Standards wie Jesse James und The Dying Cowboy. Marion Try Slaughter, ein in Texas geborener Operetten Sänger, der unter dem Namen Vernon Dalhart auftrat, nahm vier Jahr später Fassungen von The Wreck Of The Southern 97 und The Prisoner's Song auf, die einen neuen Umgang mit altem Material einläuteten. Obwohl keineswegs authentisch, erreichten sie das Ohr der Öffentlichkeit und verkauften sich mehrere hunderttausend Mal.

Die Minstrel-Tradition entstand in den amerikanischen Südstaaten der 30er Jahre des 19. Jahrhunderts und beeinflusste verschiedene Roots-Musikstile nachhaltig. In den Minstrel-Shows imitierten und karikierten weiße Musiker schwarze Musik, Kultur und Sprache. Um den zeitgenössischen rassistischen Normen zu entsprechen, mussten sie sich die Gesichter schwarz anmalen. Ironischer Weise war die imitierte Musik selbst eine Imitation der gängigen irisch-schottischen Fiddle-Tanz-Musik. Mit der Zeit vermischten sich die keltischen Melodien und Rhythmen mit afrikanischen Rhythmen und Interpretationsweisen und eine immer eigenständigere amerikanische Musik entstand. Nach dem Bürgerkrieg traten auch Afroamerikaner in den Shows auf. Wegen der vorherrschenden Rassentrennung mussten sie ihr Gesicht jedoch ebenfalls schwarz anmalen!

Diese Art von Musik fand auch in den sogenannten Medicine-Shows Verwendung: Reisende Verkaufs- und Unterhaltungsevents mit Musik, Akrobatik und Rummel jeder Art. Als Höhepunkt kam der Auftritt eines vermeintlichen Doktors, der ein Wunderheilmittel anpries. Diese Elixiere, meist hochprozentiger, selbstgebrannter Alkohol mit einigen einheimischen Kräutern abgerundet, konnten alles: Warzen, Impotenz, Grippe, Galle und vor allen Dingen Kopfschmerzen! Hier kamen jedoch Musiker verschiedener Kulturen und Rassen zusammen und tauschten sich unweigerlich aus. Die Musik traf auf den amerikanischen Frontier-Humor und entwickelte Weisheiten, Texte und Entertainment-Muster, die bis zum heutigen Tag Geltung haben. Der heutige Folk-Kanon und seine Verbreitung, sowie Generationen von Musikern und Sängern wären ohne diese fahrenden Shows nicht möglich gewesen. Das Ideal bzw. Klischee des nach Wahrheit suchenden, oft leidenden Künstlers, der seine Erkenntnisse mit der Welt teilen will, geht auf jeden Fall zurück auf die englische Romantik. Von den amerikanischen Kollegen wie Thoreau und Emerson, kommen die nüchternen und pragmatischen Tugenden, die helfen sollen, Fehler der alten Welt in der Neuen nicht zu wiederholen. Die Parallelen im politischen wie philosophisch-ethischen Bewusstsein zwischen den romantischen Dichtern und ihren ebenso romantischen Kollegen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts, sind nicht von der Hand zu weisen.

Der Übersicht halber verweisen wir hier nur auf Interpreten, die auch mit Programmen unterwegs waren und somit die Tradition der mündlichen Überlieferung auf diesem Wege bereicherten. Es gab seit Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts auch einige wenige professionelle Liedermacher, wie den weltbekannten Stephen Foster (1826-1864). Sein ‘Oh! Susanna’ ist der vielleicht bekannteste ‘Folk-Song’ Amerikas.

Bei den Folk-Traditionen jener Zeit von Singer-Songwritern zu sprechen, ist jedoch kritisch. Von Carson Robison und anderen Ausnahmen abgesehen, bezeichnete man die meisten Sänger als Songster: Der Begriff betitelt Musiker, die aus dem großen Pool der Minstrel-, Medicine-, Folk- und Pop-Songs schöpften und sie auf allen möglichen öffentlichen und privaten Veranstaltungen aufführten. Ihre kreative Leistung war es, die Lieder den jeweiligen kulturellen Bedingungen und ihren eigenen künstlerischen Vorstellungen anzupassen. Aktuelles Tagesgeschehen und weltbewegende Ereignisse, wie zum Beispiel der Untergang der Titanic, wurden gekonnt in altes Material eingearbeitet. Diese Eigenschaft macht die Songster somit zu den direkten Vorläufern der heutigen Singer-Songwriter. ‘Lead Belly’ zum Beispiel, wäre bei der Betrachtung seines Repertoires und seiner Arbeitsweise, streng genommen eher Songster.

 Auch I.W.W. oder ‘Wobblies’, eine international organisierte Gewerkschaft, deren Ziel unter anderem die Abschaffung von Löhnen war und eine einhergehende Gleichschaltung aller Arbeiter zur Folge haben sollte. 

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